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Älä Tuomo yhtään vähättele taitojasi!:) Itekin väkersin tuotokseni Paintilla rajoittuneilla kyvyilläni. Olis kyllä hauska nähdä muutkin kannet. MrrKatin voittajalehti on kyllä pelottavan uskottava...- Aino

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Its all the old nonsense about celibacy required for enlightenment, still invading concepts. The majority of histories sages were in relationship. Not to mention all the hooey about perfection; like somehow awakening will make you an instant saint. Id suggest one of the key words for a full awakening is inclusive. If something is being resisted or rejected, it is creating other, it is creating separation. Thats a quality of ego, not awakening. For myself, I thrive on the diversity of awake voices, the diversity of expressions of wholeness. From a Vedantic perspective, it is adding to wholeness, to completeness, to oneness.

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Thanks Susan, that really helped. I went with the assumption that this sitemap is not applicable to streaming audio, but I want to ask to be clear.Is it appropriate to use this Video SiteMap spec to list streaming audio clips for a predominantly audio site, such as NPR.org (daily streaming news clips), or is that an improper use of Video SiteMaps. Thanks

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Apampado deixoume Edilberto!Que defensa do noso himno frente ás inxurias do xornal populista-fascista madrileño! A guitarra de Edilberto é unha ferramenta que escarabella na alma dun pobo!Viva o noso curtiense universal!

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it best WTF!I dont know if this is fake, but I do know ODD, and this is definately ODD!Thanks for this Dripper, you always find something different to bring to us, and sometimes different is as good as a rest, even here at PTZ!ThanksPuss

Maria Maria Luiza    29 November 2017 20:03 | Oberloisdorf
Entendimento para além a possuir acabado uma barril a pasta fiquei pior que aquelas coisas que encontrava-se!!!

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lijkt wel een klein kind die alles denkt te weten maar toch iedere keer een bevestiging wil.Indien je allemaal zo goed denkt te weten waarom pak je niet de telefoon en bel je zelf met een grote uitzender of multiposter om navraag te doen.Daarnaast is schools denken in termen van USPs en wat een site uniek maakt echt niet nodig. Bedrijven willen reacties op vacatures en dat is voldoende.

car insurance rates    29 November 2017 17:46 | IwhQRnVNWiSo
Episteme dit:Toujours aussi méthodique.Donc, ton interpretation du graphique, c’est:-ceteris paribus, la tendance de l’indice des prix à la consomation pour les vêtements est à la baisse depuis 2001 à cause de la déréglementation graduelle et ultérieurement de l’abandon des quotas à l’importation de textiles?

auto insurance rates    29 November 2017 16:05 | xcfUBBFV
Sympas ces photos ! Les enfants ont pu profité du beau soleil et quand même de la neige. Espérons quil en retombe cette semaine comme prévu par météo.Biz à tous.Brigitte

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