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When you give up smoking, your lungs will function at their best and you can endure doing exercises for longer periods and your health will improve.

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Hicrî takvim değil, kastettiğin rumî takvim olmalı Ali. Hicrî takvim ay takvimi olduğundan aylar güneş takvimine göre yıl boyunca yer değiştirir. Mesela Ramazanın kıştan yaza doğru olan yolculuğu.

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youre tryin too hard, and your writing is beyond incomprehensible.more than that, your morality is questionable at best and your sexism is beyond what I thought possible.shock posting to revive a shock blog is a sad state of affairs.

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E ok. Basescu saracu chiar se ocupa de purificarea PNL-ului. Cred ca domnul Antonescu ar trebui chiar sa-si exprime satisfactia. Daca Melescanu era liberal, ramanea liberal, la fel si Ungureanu si Predescu si cine-o mai fi. Ce bine era daca domnul Antonescu multumea presedintelui pentru noua sa actiune, la imprevizibilitatea lui Base trebuia un raspuns la fel de imprevizibil. Basescu se astepta la raspunsul cu excluderea, cred ca domnului Antonescu ii sunt necesari niste consilieri. De la prezidentiale si pana astazi duce aceasi lupta directa cu niste indivizi care-i dau numai lovituri sub centura.

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Hola Alegria,Jo no parlo pas de la qualitat, sinó dels resultats que han anat aconseguint. A mi hi ha coses que magraden de RAC1 i altres que no, com és normal. Pel camí han anat deixant programes com els que esmentes, cert, però potser és una conseqüència del tipus daposta de lempresa, que pensa sobretot en els grans programes i les estrelles.Pel que fa a la línia informativa, sí, la van millorant i hi van apostant cada vegada més. Però això té un límit clar, per a una ràdio privada: el pressupost&

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raquel,I don't mind changing the title as you suggested as long as you give me more logical explanation. You need to explain why you think the column writer wrote, or should have written "観音石仏", not "石仏" in the article.As for 竹島石島, I checked Japanese scholar who's good at Korean and Chinese and he did admit it is gramatically possible to be one island(竹島=Jukdo).

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Happy New Year Jake, Sam  and Brad, of course! You got our state of mind exactly right here! The recipes look terrific  and as Dave is one of those anchovie loathers,  and loathe is the word!  Ill plan to do half and half, as you suggest. And the salad looks scrumptuous. Hope all is going well out there in the Bay; We just got our yellow fever shots and so think of ourselves as one step closer to Africa.Keep those great recipe ideas coming. xoxox molly

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Martha she was gorgeous.. looked like a girl version of him.there is also another vid of him with a blond haired girl.. asks her if she wrote him aletter in a gift she gave him. they take a pic together.

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